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Saiyuki youkai dating game

Koi to Uso: In the near future, when young people in Japan turn sixteen, they are assigned a marriage partner by the government.Yukari Nejima lives in a small corner of the country, and just can't seem to get ahead in life.Anyway, do you agree that the woman below is Kazuya Minekura or not? Photo of the Night: (February 20 2013) One of my favorite parts are, when Goku embraces Konzen.And when I noticed a picture that Tenpou looks like a woman!is a manga series by Kazuya Minekura which was serialized in G-Fantasy from 1997 to 2002.It spawned multiple manga sequels, anime adaptations, video games and other media.Kakegurui: Yumeko Jabami enrolled in Hyakkaou Private Academy where the elite students used anything to bet and losers were made to suffer their abuses.

Another good point with this series is the great character designs, which can be seen on this page of the official site ( The voice cast is also excellent: Tomoko Kawakami (Hikaru no Go's Hikaru, Utena's Utena) as Akane Akira Ishida (Gaara, Saiyuki's Hakkai) as Yasuaki Kazuhiko Inoue (Kakashi) as Tomomasa Okiayu Ryoutaro (Fruit's Basket's Shigure, Prince of Tennis' Tezuka) as Akram Miki Shinichiro (Escaflowne's Allen) as Yorihisa Hoshi Souichirou (Get Backers' Kazuki) as Eisen Tomokazu Seki (Gravitation's Shuichi, Fruits Basket's Kyo) as Tenma Ikue Ohtani (Escaflowne's Merle, Pikachu!! On a final note, the official site has a reaaaally short trailer for the series right here ( It has a shoujo story with shonen-style animation (reminded me of Junni Kokki/Twelve Kingdoms). Here's a brief summary and screencaps by me of episode 1: (since this was from a raw, it might not be 100% correct, because my japanese is not 100% correct) While walking with her friends Shimon and Tenma, high school girl Akane suddenly hears a voice calling out to her. I especially liked the music played during the beginning of ep. When Akram confronted Akane in the night, he held out his hand to her but Akane did not touch is hand.

The story behind this series is: The series is based off of a video game of the same name. The one on the official site was really really really short. Ah, this show brings back such fond memories of Fushigi Yuugi. But according to the episode summaries in TV Tokyo's official Harutoki Web site ( Akram is the leader of the Oni.

It is about a schoolgirl named Akane who is pulled into another world. :eyebrow: Edit: By the way, is your version subbed? I already love all the characters and I can't wait to see where the plot is headed. And the Oni's hate humans and want to destroy them along with Kyou.

Hajimete no Gal: Junichi want to get laid and decided to woo the gyaru in his class, Yame Yukana.

What he didn't expect was Yukana seriously ended up falling in love with him and how Junichi overcome "the first time" in dating.

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