Sophea akara dating

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Sophea akara dating

Akara hills are one of the main catchment areas for several streams and rivers like the River Yala which drains into Lake Kanyaboli.

River Yala supports the Yala swamp which is an important habitat to globally threatened papyrus endemic birds like the papyrus yellow warbler (Important Bird Area status report, 2004) and also the endangered antelope species the Sitatunga. Lake Kanyaboli is a potential refugium for haplochromine cichlids that have gone extinct in the main basin of Lake Victoria due to the introduction of the Nile perch Lates niloticus e.g. Akara hills are potential site for eco-tourism with a good view of Lake Kanyaboli from the top of the hills.

This project will work towards achieving this through educating school going pupils, students and the community members from Akara Hills area on tree planting, alternative energy sources, ecotourism and apiculture.

The project will establish tree nurseries both for indigenous and fruit trees with primary, secondary schools and community based organisations.

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This ecosystem is however highly threatened as a result of unsustainable exploitation by the local community for charcoal and firewood.The old bridge is quite a sight: destroyed during the Khmer Rouge period, it has been repaired in a mishmash of styles.Kampot’s riverside location makes it an ex- cellent place to begin a boat excursion, either to scenic areas upstream or – at around 5pm, when the fishing boats head out to sea – downstream.Les Manguiers, a riverside guesthouse 2km north of town, rents out river kayaks for two hours/half-day/full day for US/5/8 (margin- ally more for two-person boats).Visitors are welcome to drop by and ob- serve the students of the Kampot Traditional Music School (h8-11am & 6.30-9pm Mon-Fri), which trains orphaned and disabled children in tra- ditional music and dance. Blind masseurs and masseuses offer sooth- ing bliss – especially pleasurable after a day of bone-jarring motorbike travel – at Seeing Hands Massage 5 (�012 503012; per hr US; h7am-10pm) and Kampot Massage by the Blind (�012 421043; River Rd; per hr US).

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This increase in overexploitation is as a result of increasing human population, poverty and high rates of unemployment in the country.