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In this case, the hyperlinks which link to hidden sheets are not available. Screen Updating = True End Sub script indicates the column number which contains the hyperlinks, please change it your need.2. But, how could you make these hyperlinks work successfully? Then save and close this code window, now, when you click the hyperlink which link to the specific hidden sheet, the hidden sheet will be opened at once. Screen Updating = True End If End Sub @qubit: Thanks for immediate reply. But what is "101...101"("pre") button in the answer box GUI? How do you insert your result with the grey background.

Count = 0 Then Msg Box "This document contains no tables", _ vb Exclamation, "Import Word Table" Else Excel Row = 0 Sheets. Count) Col To Start = 1 For Table No = 1 To wd Doc.tables. My Script = _ "set applescript's text item delimiters to "","" " & vb New Line & _ "set the Files to (choose file of type " & _ " " & _ "with prompt ""Please select a file or files"" default location alias """ & _ My Path & """ multiple selections allowed true) as string" & vb New Line & _ "set applescript's text item delimiters to """" " & vb New Line & _ "return the Files" My Files = Mac Script(My Script) On Error Go To 0 If My Files "" Then With Application . Enable Events = False End With My Split = Split(My Files, ",") For N = LBound(My Split) To UBound(My Split) ' Get the file name only and test to see if it is open.Close Save Changes:=False End If Else Msg Box "We skipped this file : " & My Split(N) & " because it Is already open." End If Next N With Application . Enable Events = True End With End If End Sub Function b Is Book Open(By Ref sz Book Name As String) As Boolean ' Contributed by Rob Bovey On Error Resume Next b Is Book Open = Not (Application. The truth is that I've tried those ones at the website you directed me to but none worked!Workbooks(sz Book Name) Is Nothing) End Function See: But someone has helped me with some codes and I want to test it to see how it will work now. Screen Updating = True End If (Some translations because the code is in Dutch : Rij = Row / Kolom = Column / Waarde = Value) The reason for this code : In Libre Office this VBA-code works almost. Paste Special ' Not sure how to read/format this comma-delimited part ' Paste:=xl Paste All Except Borders, Operation:=xl None, _ Skip Blanks:=False, Transpose:=False Selection. I was thinking you use a completely different application and than insert the whole thing. I am curious because this appears to me as a good way to explain [email protected]: Thanks for your explanations.

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