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When I first found out my sister, Rachel, got engaged this May, I had just awakened in Paris.As the morning sun kissed the Eiffel Tower, two things were certain: Life was grand — and I had to get home fast.Fearing hiked-up costs and fees, I avoided using the word “wedding.” After narrowing it down to dell’anima (chill, delicious), Blue Hill (brag-worthy, celeb-studded) and Tavern on the Green (iconic, newly relaunched), I went with the latter, locking down a charming nook in Central Park. Finding a chic, yet City Hall-appropriate, dress for Rachel was tough — we struck out everywhere, from Saks to Century 21.Then, my friend Melissa, an indie wedding planner who owns Events by Melissa Mc Neeley, helped me create a fairy tale-themed table (to reflect their fairy-tale-like romance) with decorations we found on Etsy, like vintage fairy tale books we used as place settings. Plus, it had to fit perfectly — no time for alterations.“First I was like ‘no way’ – then I thought, no, I’m going to take the job, end the relationship, move to LA, just start fresh,” Shelasky says, “It was kind of a blessing.” A blessing which has required the naturally outgoing and self-described “crazy-outspoken” Shelasky to write five entries a week about her man-adventures.With a colloquial, confessional style, she doesn’t disappoint.

That’s not all we’re expecting to see though- Spike is also getting ready to open a pizzeria WE, THE PIZZA right next to Good Stuff Eatery this summer and it promises to have the freshest New York-style pizza on the Block.

If you haven't yet discovered this one, head on over there for a spell.

Alyssa is teaching herself to cook in baby steps (she's dating Spike of Top Chef fame, after all) and her blog is equal parts snarky and silly.

The crushed red pepper added just the right kick and the fresh basil just the right zip to perk us up from our limp and bedraggled state. This recipe has us sauté the eggplant until it gets brown (20 minutes) and then simmer it with the tomatoes until it's completely soft (50-60 minutes).

We were tempted to rush it, but no, eggplant takes time.

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My bohemian parents think weddings are silly and stressful — and my sister (a nonmaterialistic free spirit) and I totally agree.

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