Dating during elizabethan era

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The rhythm of the Elizabethan's life was the rhythm of the seasons.

The turning of the seasons governed how he worked and how and when he played.

If he talked about something that happened on July 27th, he would say it occurred "two days past Lammastide".

To further muddle things, the English used the old Julian calendar long after the rest of Western Europe went over to the Gregorian calendar in 1582.

Bomb sites were used as car parks or playgrounds but there was insufficient wealth to rebuild completely.

In the Middle Ages, all of these feast days were excuses for a day off, Popish ceremonies, and general idleness.

The thrifty Protestants, of course, disapproved, and limited the observance of many of the feast days.

The Elizabethan did not concern himself much with the exact date.

He looked upon the year as a series of seasons, and his signposts were the feast days.

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