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" Duhh That issue has got to be the most ridiculous ever, poor Byunghee oppa got hate for it but at least everything settled down quickly.Dating or not, it's their lives anyway and their adults for goodness sake..

They said, “The names So Ji Sub and Jooyeon disappeared from the article,” “Was this a mistake or intended?However, both 51K and Pledis Entertainment said, "This is the first time we're hearing this. I'm pretty much shocked about this dating rumor since yesterday! What F#C* have he done wrong in the first place?!!! Why the hell are those dumb f#$%&*- netizens dragging oppa into this?!!!!!!!!! A reporter wrote in his exclusive report on Song Seung Hun’s birthday party that both So Ji Sub and Jooyeon had attended.The later version of the article, updated hours later, removed So Ji Sub and Jooyeon without posting a correction.

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According to the woman's magazine Women Sense's January issue, the pair have been dating for a year and 4 months already. The magazine said, "The two of them mainly dated at the Seoul Hannam-dong UN Village, where So Ji Sub's house is. Can you guys pick up your brains even just for a while?!!!!!!! That person who wrote that article in Women's Sense really needs to get their sources checked out.

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